Of Boats, Mr Jones, Champagne and hungry sharks.

Mr Woog phaffing at Jabba

One of the delightful things that I am discovering about being away from the mundane is that long lost art of relaxing. Waking up with no plans, not a million things to do and no where to be. I like it! Mr Woog takes longer than me to unwind, and I am enjoying sitting in the sun with a cup of tea watching him go about his business. The business of phaffing about.

The boat went on it’s maiden voyage yesterday morning, sans me. I did however, later in the day, drink the bottle of champers that you are supposed to smash over the front of the boat. Anyway, the trip was very short as Harry told Jack that he had seen an enormous hungry shark and complete hysteria ensued so much so, that Mr Woog was forced to turn around and head for shore.

Then Harry dropped his camera into the shark infested waters, so there were 2 very sad children delivered to me shortly thereafter. 

Now, if you have sons you will completely get this next statement. You need to run boys like greyhounds. Physically exhaust them so they wind down easily later on and don’t bash the shit out of each other every time you leave the room.

So we did just that with a session of extreme frisbee.

I swear this little one is the biggest tryer in the world.

I am sleeping well here at Jabba. It is really quiet. The cafe opens at 8am! Sweet lord things move slowly here. There is only one cafe, one general store and one restaurant in this little seaside town. All a girl needs if you ask me (oh, a bottle shop would be handy I suppose). Part of the charm.

But yesterday I woke up and got so pissed off! I usually read the paper before my feet touch the floor and one article screamed out loudly.

“What? I know nothing….”
Click Alan if you have no idea what I am talking about.

I won’t get into it here, (trying to remain relaxed you see) except to say that I had to double check my memory bank when I was watching his “apology” to Prime Minister Julia Gillard to make sure that I hadn’t accidentally taken an acid trip. 

I hadn’t. I just had a little post champagne buzz going on.

Do you think Alan Jones should be sacked?
Is it ok to drink champagne in the day, for no particular reason?