Sleeping with someone who is not your husband.

Pensive Beverly does Melbourne

It has been a bit quiet on ye olde blogging front for the past few days. I was completely overwhelmed to the response to my target for Loud Shirt Day and I came over all emo like. Thank you so much! 

But I am back, writing this post from a lovely apartment in Melbourne. I am here for the Problogger Conference where I spoke on a panel yesterday. If you were there, I am sorry if I came over all ranty. In a former life I think I was an audience member on Jerry Springer.

But this post is not about that. 

There are 6 of us staying in a 3 bedroom apartment. It is like the Playboy Bunny house, but far less sexier. There are no pillow fights in our smalls, because there are no smalls. But there is a lot of bed hopping, in the physical sense. If you have a mathematical brain, you would conclude that indeed there is bed sharing going on. And some of my flatmates are waking up not where they fell asleep, due to some epic snoring.

But this post is not really about that either.

It is about my indecent assault on my bedfellow Nikki from Styling You. I was in a deep, deep sleep. I was dreaming that Jabba the Hut was under attack from a bushfire, and I was battling the blaze by myself with a garden hose. Things were not looking good for Jabba, or myself for that matter, so I rolled over to give Mr Woog a proper, reassuring feel up.

The shape of his body had changed a lot, and when I opened my eyes to see what THAT was all about, I found a wide eyed Nikki looking at me.


We have been friends for years and I had to ask her later if she thought I was putting the moves on her.  She confessed that she was a bit confused, and after a conversation later, we are all ok.

I slept with Beverly for 2 weeks in New York. She is a solid sleeper, turning regularly like a lump of meat at a kebab shop. I am  your old fashioned, flat on your back chainsaw noise maker. With my feet sticking out at the side.

What is your partner’s sleeping style?
Tosser? Waker? Dream-interrupting Maker?