The Internet is NOT full of assholes.

Social Media is a funny old place don’t you think? I mean, really…..  think about it. Writing away on a keyboard and sending your thoughts out off into space. For anyone and everyone to read and ponder and judge.

In light of the events of the past few weeks, I think social media has got a bad rap by people who are not in it. Mainly journalists, dinosaur AM Right Wing shock jocks and pensioners who cling to their every word. It is the big digital bogeyman. 

It is hard to understand why I do what I do. 

My sister once said to me that she thought bloggers were narcissists and at the time, I might have agreed with her, just a touch. But then I told her. “What would you know….” *hand wave and flounce away*

Tomorrow I am heading to Melbourne to gather with 150 narcissists in person, plus hundreds following online from around the world. It is the annual Problogger Conference

Like last year, I am speaking at it. 

Unlike last year, I hope I do not carry on and on and on onstage about a campaign I was involved in with a major supermarket, telling the audience how much they fucked up with their blogger outreach program, only to have them tweet me while I was still on stage. To let me know that their digital manager was in the audience. Listening to my every word.

Not surprising, I have not worked with them since.

There are still some things I am yet to learn. Like keeping my big trap shut. I struggle with it, if I can be honest.

I kneel at the alter of my Mac most mornings with a cup of coffee and pour my guts out, like I would to a mate. Occasionally, I get a troll. Not often…. but sporadically. I laugh and delete and block, and by the time I have done that, usually I cannot remember what they even wrote.

I used to lose sleep over this stuff. My skin is now thicker. 

But today, it was thin. And this is why.

I put up a widget for a charity that is dear to my heart. The Shepherd Centre taught my baby to talk, starting from when he was about 5 months. They hold one major fundraiser every year. Loud Shirt Day

I was hoping to raise $250 to donate.

That was at about lunchtime today.

The tally now stands at $1650.00. From people who don’t know me for any other reason than logging into this site each day.

So to me, Social Media is personal. It is not about bullying and trolls and all that shit. It is an avenue for ordinary people like you and me to have a say and a voice.  And how good is that.

Thank you to the dozens of readers who have helped smash my target. If you visit my blog, enjoy it on occasion and have a buck or two to spare, please click here.

Especially if you are the digital manager of a major supermarket.

Thank You.