A dog doesn’t bark at parked cars.

Yesterday something happened that gave my self confidence a little bit of a shake. So I called Lorraine the Super-agentwho listened to me whinge and whine a bit, before simply saying..

“A dog doesn’t bark at parked cars.”
She quickly established the fact that I was not a dog, or a parked car, but I was actually a car that was moving. I felt a whole heap better after the analogy was explained to me and as a car, I think I want to be a tricked up, turbo charged number, complete with fluffy dice! (prone to the occasional breakdown, naturally.)

But moving right along, there has been much discussion on the interwebs this week about kaftans. So I am over at The Hoopla today, looking back at the history of this fashion staple. Come by and say hi, and there might be a little surprise waiting there for one of you!