Annie Woogbovitz

I am not fantastic at downloading photos and sorting them and stuff, but I had a spare moment just now, and downloaded a million of them. I thought I would share a few from the past couple of days. 

Mainly because my Dad and WSM are travelling overseas, and they can see what we have been up to at Chateau De Woog.
Chuy, looking ever so regal. I thought he was dead in the garden this week, he was so still. I yelled his name and he did not flinch. There were a few tense seconds……

Mr Woog conducts the Thursday Night homework cramming session. One of Harry’s spelling words this week was CHAMPAGNE. I think that it is important to get that one right. For years I spelt it champaigne.

The front garden has gone crazy-loco.

This one is for Miss Woog, who lives in Paris. I thought of you as I hoovered it up like it weren’t no-ones business….

Got a blow job for a secret wedding I was going to. This is my hairdresser Emily. She is a freakin genius blow job giver. Let me know if you need a good hairdresser. HALF PRICE BLOZZAS ON A FRIDAY LADIES!

Ok, so there is a blogger called Chantelle and her site is Fat Mum Slim. She is so amazing has started this social media thing called Photo a Day. I vowed to do it and lasted 2 days, but will be back on the wagon tomorrow. This is COLOUR. Don’t you love the ceramic egg? I bought it for Mr Woog for his B’day last year. It is from the ceramic artist Kim Foale. Check her out here.

Oh, and want to know how to look like a wanker?

Snap a photo of yourself in a test outfit with you hand on your hip. Send the photo to a friend for event approval. Then put it on your blog. That is how you look like a wanker! PS I did NOT wear those particular pants in case you were wandering. I wore a pair that showed up less cellulite. *shudders*

Caught up with my lady love, who was wearing heels no less! We were together to celebrate our bloggy agent Lorraine Murphy’s SURPRISE WEDDING! Now I am SHIT at secrets but I managed to keep my big trap shut. All of their friends thought they were there to celebrate her birthday. 

Little did they know…. that Lorraine and her boyfriend just got hitched on the stairs of a house in Newtown that they met on a while back! With just their family. Have you ever heard anything so sweet?

Yes, I am sure their kids will be very ordinary looking.

Spent the next day paying for my enthusiastic merriment.

Took Sonia Kluger up to see Jabba the Hut and so I could sit in my chair.

There are also a few dozen photos like this…..

Because I am clearly gifted. Like Annie Leibovitz.