Around the World in 5 Meals!

Mr. Woog and myself do not have a lot of things in common. Really, we don’t. He is Type A and I am Type “can’t be assed”. But apart from the Woogettes, one thing that we do have in common is our love of food and travel.

With the arrival of the Woogettes, we have been unable to indulge in the travel as much as we used to. We used to be mad for it. We would save and save and then take off somewhere. No feeling like it. Thank heavens for Gourmet Traveller! 

I am lucky enough to have been able to eat at some sensational places around the world, and I thought I would share a few of my favourites. Hope you are wearing elasticized pants or at very least, that kaftan! 

Lets do this…


Kenya owns Seahag in Patong, Phuket. I have been to his restaurant many times over the years and it is just the business. He is a generous host, will go out of his way to make your visit amazing. He will invent cocktails, tell you in detail about how dishes are prepared and will bring you out things from the kitchen for you to try. And he shops from the street outside his restaurant!
Oh yes he does!

All evening, farmers and fishermen walk the streets with their offerings. Kenya then designs his specials around what is the best produce on offer. I could talk about this place all day, but we best be off because we will be late for our flight to…



So, Woog is Hungarian and Mr. Woog has many relatives still living there, so where there are relatives there is free accommodation and wherever there is free accommodation, there is me and Mr. Woog!
Hungarians take their food seriously. In fact, they rank 7th in the world when it comes to the highest rate of heart attacks. The first? The Ukraine. I knew you would ask.

I suspect that they feature so high on the list because the food is hearty, and fatty, and salty, and sweet and all the other good things that will eventually kill you if you eat too much of it.

In Hungary? You must go to Fatal. Ironic that it is called that, but it is an institution. I had a schnitzel that literally hung over the edge of the table. They look at you strange if you don’t clean your plate. If you are into goulash and langos and percolt “Paprikáscsirke nokedlivel” and the like, take your blood pressure; get medical clearance and head to Fatal.

Next on the list?

Many fond memories of this, one of the first “gastro pubs” on the scene in London. Going back 15 years ago or so, Mr. Woog and I would often indulge in the Ten Quid Roast here of a Sunday Afternoon. Washed the yummiest food to be found in London Town down with a couple of pints, and then roll down the hill, back to our little flat.
Traditional food with a twist and I hear it is just as good as ever. Comfort food on crack.

Now pack your bags because we are off to….



The world famous French Bistro in downtown Manhattan, where I was lucky enough to dine with some “colleagues” earlier in the year. I think I will let the pictures do the talking.

Cannot even…
We need to start thinking about heading home but we must drop into somewhere special on the way back…



We happened to be in Bali when this restaurant opened a few years back, and went along to have a bit of a squizz. Little did I know I was about to begin a gastronomical love affair that I suspect will last a lifetime. 

The best meal I have ever had, and I have had a lot!

Here is a selection of just the salads on the menu, to give you some sort of idea of what we are talking about…

Do you see what I mean? In an ideal world, I would find a suitcase of money somewhere and treat everyone to a meal here. It is just that good. So long Sarong. I will be back.

To help me deal with the fact that globetrotting gastronomical galloping has slowed down to a tiny trickle, I now take solace by reading Gourmet Traveller with a vegemite sandwich in my hand, thinking of days gone by and telling the cat to piss off, it’s my lunch.

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Do you have a favourite restaurant or dish that you found in a far-flung place? One that you just can’t forget about?