How to wear a kaftan. {Alternative title. Do not be afraid of white pants.}

Those who know me, understand my slight obsession with the kaftan top. Here are a few that I own…..

And thanks to Mum for this little number which was added to the collection this week. Feel that silk! Ahhhhh. It looks black here but it is actually a dark khaki. Good colour for us brooneys.*

So last night I got a question shot through to me via the soshies** from a lass with a very important question…

Oh Manda, you came to the right place! But please, do not just confine kaftans to fancy dress parties. They NEED to be worked into your everyday wardrobe!

So, you get your hands on a lovely, floaty kaftan, and you sit, or stand there admiring it, thinking “What the fuck am I going to wear that with….” Like young Manda up there.

And with summer almost here, and no doubt a plethora of shindigs to get through, that kaftan is going to become your best friend IF you choose the right partner.

Which is……


Ok, the issue of white pants is polarising and I know that there is two distinct camps. Those who embrace them, and those that run screeching to the hills. I used to be a hill runner, or power walker if I am to be honest, but my great friend and the ever stylish The Divine Ms M coaxed me into a pair a few years ago, and now I am a convert.

I was coaxed, as I could not see the benefit of encasing my tree truck thighs into something so, well, white, but before you click away in disbelief, hear me out.

  • White pants are fresh
  • White pants provide a neutral base in which to build a kaftan ensemble
  • White pants provide a magnet for food so you do not have to clean the floor ever
  • White pants are fresh
White pants are not just for our slim sisters, this I know is true. So how do you wear a kaftan with white pants?

UNDIES – White or neutral 
BRA – One that fits ladies!
WHITE CAMI – An essential undergarment which will smooth out any wobbly bits. Pull it down over the top of your white pants for a smooth effect.

So there you are, all dressed in white like the angel that you are. Then you throw on your KAFTAN and then…..

Chuck on some sandals, some bangles and some big BIG mofo earrings and you are good to go, just about anywhere!


1 Size 24-28  – $59.95 CLICK HERE
2 Size 20-22  $79.95 CLICK HERE

3 Size 16-18  $99.00 – CLICK HERE

4 Size 12-14 $179.00  – CLICK HERE

5 Size 8-10 $79.95 – CLICK HERE

Edited to add: The size 8-10’s have sold out.
Click here for a rather smart alternative!

So there you have it, my definitive guide to wearing white pants and kaftans. Should I do a kaftan post?
It is a little bit Gold Coast and a whole lot of comfy.
Are you with me?
Or are you running for the hills…….