My diamond shoes are too tight.

This week can go down in history as one of my least favourites in the world. Everyone who lives under this roof has had a large dose of the irrits, which has made life unpleasant, to say the very least.

Those sons of mine had been bickering and bitching at each other with full gusto, so much so, that they are now banned from being in the same room as each other. It is so fucking tiresome.

Mr Woog and I are coming off the back of 3 days of “no speakies” which has been emotionally draining as well as just plain immature. Arguing about that old chestnut…. $$$.

Is that the most common topic couples argue about? IS IT??

I have had little inspiration or motivation this week. Circumstance and an opportunity points to the fact that we might be on the move again, which I cannot go into any further lest I burst into tears.

I got a phone call from the school, asking where I was. I was supposed to have been at a meeting which I just plain forgot about, so have carried a fair amount of “Useless Mother” guilt, just to make my week that bit more shit.

The washing is winning.

My eyebrows have become one.

I hate all my clothes.

I have too much on my plate.

And then this morning I read this by my friend Eden Riley, who is in India as part of her role as a World Vision Ambassador. 

It was just the kick up the ass that I needed.