Well, may I just take my hat off to Jack who won the school Talent Quest yesterday, despite having a late change of music. He chose Rhianna over Taylor in the end, an edgy choice which worked well with the surprise one handed cartwheel and full splits which were thrown into the mix.

There was strong competition again this year. Notables include the 3 little boys who did a silent interpretive dance about Minecraft as well as Darth Vader and Princess Leia, who has a light sabre fight to music.

In other news, despite a few lessons, the man I married continues to pack the dishwasher like this.

In other news, a thrifting trip led me to discover this gem. Alas I have no place to put it. Sadness.

In other news, I have been beavering away on the Christmas Gift Guide and sifting through a lot of suggestions to bring you a list of great ideas. Click it and see!

AND in other news, a lively and opinionated debate occurred on ye olde Facebook page on a moral dilemma I had. You see, I needed a red capsicum to make dinner, and my local supermarket only sold them in a pack, along with a yellow and green capsicum. Which I didn’t require and would have gone to waste.

Rightly or wrongly, I removed the red capsicum from the packaging before paying for it. According to some, I was stealing. One person even pointed out the comparison that would I open a packet of chips, only because I wanted one chip?

This made me think and agree, that perhaps I did do the wrong thing. But then I realised, that I would NEVER only want one chip, so that argument made no sense.

But I think I am a felon.  JUST ADD IT TO THE LIST.

This made me laugh…..

This made me smile….

This made me stabby….. Racists make me stabby…..

And this made me happy….

A perfectly clean and sanitised section of Sonia, previously covered in bird shit.

Did I steal from the supermarket?
What is news with you?

  • No you didn’t steal.
    If they had tags out offering red caps and weren’t selling any individually, you were just doing what you needed to, in order to survive.
    Like the time I was 8 and didn’t want a Kinder Surprise egg, just the chocolate so smashed it open in store and left.
    Having said that though, at least you paid for the capsicum, sure it was cheaper, but those supermarket mobs are asking for it when they make a small jar of vegemite more expensive than two loaves of bread and a tub of margarine!

  • Did you pay for the solo capsicum ? If not then im afraid I sit in the stealing camp. What if every person took a capsicum or ate a handful of grapes?

    • Wouldn’t take a capsicum, because they’re yuck, but I always take grapes to try before I buy. Not that I always buy them…
      The supermarket has the last laugh any time I pick up a sour one, though…

  • Well done to Jack, also!
    One handed cartwheels & the splits have ALWAYS been cooler than Star Wars & I look forward to rubbing this fact in my brother’s face using ligitimite EVIDENCE (your post) to show him I’ve been right for years.

  • Anonymous

    You didn’t STEAL as you didn’t take anything from the shop WITHOUT paying. I bet the supermarket sold the other two capsicums separately. News with me is we are trying to make decisions in the house we are building & my youngest (who has never been a top sleeper anyway) is getting worse. I feel like I’m a zombie & probably shouldn’t be driving. I’m sick of being tired & shitty 🙁