Spineless Classics. A great gift idea!

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Ok, so I am not meaning to spread panic. But did you know that Christmas is coming at us faster than Usain Bolt down the track? For some it is a time where we can put our superior organisational skills into play and provide the family with a lovely occasion, complete with fancy food and thoughtful gifts.
For others, well it is a bit of a disaster all round.

I have friends who have completed their shopping and wrapping by now. I am not really sure why we are mates, as we have nothing on common. But this year I am determined to do all of my shopping “on the line”, as Mum calls it. So I am spending time sifting through sites, finding the perfect present for the people that I love.

From time to time, companies ask me to write about their products. Mostly I cannot do it. I mean, do YOU want to read about air freshener?

No. Me neither.

But when Spineless Classics wanted to come on board as a sponsor, I was in like Errol. Because I love a creative, innovative company and I love art and I love books and this company was the triple threat.

I can only imagine the person who started the company woke up one day and thought….

“What if we turned an entire book INTO A POSTER?”

And this, my friends, is what it would look like! It is an ENTIRE BOOK. On the wall! Talk about talking about a talking point.

That’s right. The whole book on a single sheet. And it results in a gorgeous print, which is readable. The idea of promoting such glorious classic literature is very appealing, and would make anyone visiting your house think you were of superior taste and refinement.

I wondered about what would really happen if the books currently being read here in WoogsWorld, would hold the same level of admiration. I wandered around the house, snapping the covers that had been left lying about the place.

Can you guess which two titles I am currently reading? Go on….. GUESS!

Spineless Classics have the good sense not to turn any of these books into art, preferring to focus on the titles that have stood the test of time. Including;

Spineless Classics can also turn any of your own writing into a poster as well. If you are a blogger, then get in touch and turn your prose into art. And how cool would that be?
So there you have it, a solution to the problem, what do you get that someone who has everything. I also think they would be great for wedding gifts, christening gifts and corporate pressies. With over 60 titles to choose from, you will find the right read. From The Origins of Man, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (that one runs over 5 posters, such a busy man was Will) and if you are of a religious persuasion, even The New Testament!


Check out www.spinelessclassics.com.au for further information and for ordering. Enter the code WW12 and get a 10% discount, if you order by December 18.

What are YOU reading right now?

And what do you think I am reading?

You might be surprised to know it has nothing to do with nipples.

Or wine.