Where I Work.

This morning I cleaned my desk. Not just remove to piles of junk, empty coffee cups and other crap. BUT I CLEANED THE DESK. Got the old spray out and gave her the royal treatment. 

She was filthy. But isn’t she beautiful now. See that mouse? She is a temperamental cow.

This was my Grandfathers desk. He was a solicitor in a country firm which is now run by my sister. When I inherited this desk, she was in a right old state so she had a little work done. I still remember picking out the green leather, and insisted in a fancy gold trim. And I still remember the horror I felt, when I was handed the bill.

Whenever I finish a blog post, or an article, I read it out aloud, sometimes in a Scottish or Indian accent for some reason, before I publish it. I like to think that he is listening. I am pretty sure that he is. I wonder what he thought of the vibrator post last week…..

So, that is my desk. Do not look in the drawers. They tell an entirely different story! 

Tell me about where you work?
Tell me about your desk.
Is it covered in crap or all nice like.