Natural Contours – Why Orgasms are Good for You!

Bought to you by Natural Contours

When a company called Natural Contours contacted Lorraine the Super-Agent to see whether I would be interested in working with them, my first thought was…
“Why would I want to work with a Ladies Only Gym?”

Because that is what I thought it was. Turns out I was wrong.

Natural Contours is a company that provides “revolutionary massagers that are ergonomically engineered to fit the unique curves of a woman’s body.”

Yes ladies. Today we are talking about vibrators. Teachers at my kids school, you may click away now.

I met with Sue, who owns Natural Contours, one night for a glass of wine and a chat. I liked the fact that the range was designed by a woman! We talked about how woman have started to own their sexuality and how Natural Contours are leading the way when it came to supplying fantastic options for chicks who want to get to know themselves a little better.

I pointed out to Sue that with the popularity of that book, these topics are becoming more mainstream for discussion. And action. About bloody time.
And why wouldn’t it?

I did a little research and found the benefits of orgasm reach beyond the actual act itself. They include;

·      Helps you get rid of stress. An orgasm produces high serotonin levels in the brain, leaving you in a more relaxed state.

·      An alternative to cardio!

·      Many studies indicate that regular orgasms build better immune systems.

·      Assists you in flushing out toxins and promotes oxygen to circulate throughout the body.

·      Releases endorphins, which act as a natural tranquilizer, helping you to sleep better.

And with the rise of popularity of Erotic Fiction, it seems many of us are jumping on ye olde bandwagon. And if you are not? Don’t worry. I am here to help.

I have put together a little glossary of common terms, commonly used in erotic fiction, to help you understand the genre a bit better.

EROGENOUS ZONE – anywhere near my fridge

THROBBING APPENDAGE – What happens when my toe connects swiftly with a large stationary object.

FIRM HANDS – a result of using a good hand lotion regularly

AUTOEROTICISM – when your car starts on a cold morning, first go!

HEAVING BOSOM – What happens to me when I walk up two flights of stairs, generally as a result of spending too much time in my Erogenous Zone.

Not a phone. A Natural Contours LIBERTE

So if you are an early adopter, “scared of them” as one of my interested sisters told me yesterday, or have ever considered purchasing a “revolutionary massager that is ergonomically engineered to fit the unique curves of a woman’s body.” READ VIBRATOR, then may I suggest a visit to the Natural Contours website for more information on the extensive range.
I was gifted the Ultime – G-Spot Delight, in accordance to my disclosure policy. 
If it didn’t work, you know I couldn’t recommend it.