4 Photos and 4 quick yarns.

As part of a job I have coming up, Mum and I were forced to go on a walking tour of Darlinghurst chocolate shops. My tooth is not all that sweet, but Mum was very interested in the whole shebang. So much so, she overdosed and developed a migraine shortly after this photo was taken. 

(Side note, Jack just saw this photo up on the screen and asked “Does Big Mumma have an infection?”)

Rhiannon needs to eat more. Maybe Mum might share a little of her haul….

Made the mistake of having a business meeting at home while the children were present. The company gave this remote controlled car as a gift to the kids. It is signed by Craig Lowndes. “Who is that?” they asked, totally unimpressed.

A few minutes later, I looked up from our discussions to see the kids literally beating the shit out of each other, fighting over whose turn it was to have a go. I am such a professional and an excellent mother.  The car has since been banned for a week.

And finally, Beverley and I have a VERY fancy shindig on tonight to kick off the festive season. And when the invite is that fancy, you know you need to at least grace your armpits with deodorant. This ensemble came in the post yesterday, and one small child cannot. even. believe. how. much. he. loves. it. I tried it on for them last night while we were eating dinner and he immediately leaped from his chair and smothered it with kisses.

Tomato sauce kisses.

Got to love a multicoloured kaftan! I can spill anything I want to on it and it will just blend right in…….

Come back tomorrow, because I am giving one away. A kaftan. Not a child, but after yesterdays shenanigans in front of the suits, I am quite open to that idea as well.