There’s something about Jabba. And cars.

Hotter than a nun’s nasty here today at Jabba. She likes the heat, she does. And with a little lunch in the oven and the kids in front of a movie, I thought I would share a little yarn with you before we hit the beach, where I will continue to do my impression of a dugong.

dugong, the dolphins uglier but funnier cousin…

Me and the boys scabbed a lift up to Jabba with my mate Jules and her two sons, as Mr Woog and Sonia had a long standing  date. Four boys in the back of a car makes for a lot of noise and a LOT of complaining, so I put an effective play into action.

It involves buying each player a large King Cobra Jelly Snake. You make them aware that you have the snakes, and then inform that for every bitch or whinge, you will take a bit of the perpetrators reward. The kid with the longest snake at the end of the trip IS THE WINNER and the prizes are awarded, that being what is left of each persons snake.

One of the kids tested me straight away and I bit the head off his snake. I meant business. Jules complimented me on this tactic and said it would make a good blog post as other harassed parents in vehicles could also use this technique.

I thanked Jules for her thoughts and indeed agreed, it would be a tick off the “community service” part of this website.

An hour later, Jules again said “That would ┬ámake an interesting blog post” but it was not about snakes. It was about a car accident.* And no, not interesting. PANT SHITTING.

Now I must away as I have some calming down to do………..

*no one was injured in the writing of this blog post or accident, apart from 3 panels of Jule’s car, which was and still is, a MAZDA.