Travelling with kids. And Pets.

You didn’t think I would stop blogging just because it is Christmas did you?

As they say, there is no rest for the wicked.

Yes we travel light alright. Looking carefully at this picture, you will notice that the Taj Mahal made the cut and ended up on the trailer along with another fridge, 6 cases of booze and a plethora of other bizarre shit we may need. Like 2 guinea pigs and a cat.

Whoever thought to put a DVD player in the roof of Sonia Kluger, I could very easily have my wicked way with you….

I fired up the BBQ on arrival to cook some snags. I carefully lined up 4 sausages and went inside to fetch the tongs. When I came back, there were but 3 left on the plate. Because a very cheeky kookaburra, who we have since named Monty, is likening our backyard to a Sizzler Buffet.

Monty, The Pigs and the BBQ
So now we have to have someone on Monty Watch when cooking. Just another thing to add to the list. “Watch out, Monty is in the backyard again….” 

This morning I threw Monty a piece of ham. He stood on the fence, so damn pleased with himself, and cried out to his mates. It was the kookaburra equivalent of giving the double barrelled REAL bird.

But there is someone who is very fucked off at the moment, and not even giving him a sea-shell and a tennis medal with turn his sour disposition.

“I hate all of you”
We commence our 2 day Tour De Familie tomorrow. 

Are you travelling this Christmas?
Are you there yet?