A new friend.

Near enough is good enough, right now.

Got a call from Mr Woog yesterday.

He was standing at the bottom on a mountain in Japan, about to get on a ski lift. He advised me that he had forgotten to get travel insurance and could I just jump online and purchase some for him.

He told me that he would not get on the lift until I texted him back, telling him that I had purchased said insurance.

I told him, “No worries,” before hanging up the phone, turning off the phone and going for a big long grocery shop to get all the crap you need to get the kids ready to go back to school.

I was a tad shitty because I had been left to deal with transitioning the kids into a new school, which was today. Granted, his trip had been booked and paid for months and months ago, but what can I say…

My inner bitch was released.

When I got back, I bought his insurance and texted him, before unpacking the mother-load of groceries.

This morning I took the FaceBook ladies advice, and entered the school smiling like I had just had 2 tequila slammers. Seriously I knew no one. Kids are resilient. Me, not so much.

But wouldn’t you know it?

I made a friend! A friendly friend who took my number and gave me the right answer when I asked if she had a pool!

Things are looking up.

Did you make a new friend today?