Aunty Pat Bounces Back!

Many of you may remember Aunty Pat from such memorable Christmas Messages such as the offering in 2011, and subsequently in 2012.

Aunty Pat has lived her 84 years as a hard working, honest, church going woman, who got a little closer to her God this week than she wanted to. You see, she suffered a stroke which landed her as a guest of the local medical facility. Under the watchful eye of a kind band of nurses, she is getting back to her sprightly self.

She was delighted when Mrs Ryan and I came to visit her bearing a couple of magazines, and actually picked up the copy of Woman’s Day, kissing Hugh Jackman fair square on the mouth, declaring him to be the fairest in all the land.

Aunty Pat is a fighter, insisting that she has plenty to do before her next vlog as she does not want to appear boring. 

She spoke about her fear of the MRI machine, and told me she would only go it in with the assistance of a couple of Valium and some Frank Sinatra blaring.

She is super pissed off that she is not allowed to drive for six weeks. SUPER PISSED OFF. When she told me, there was a look of pure disgust in her eye.

In the meantime she is propped up in bed watching the tennis and enjoying the extra attention one gets when one almost meets their maker without fair notice. 

She would like to wish all her fans a thank you for your lovely messages on the Facebook page and assures you that if she had had her hair done and could get her hands on some lippy, she would have blogged again today.

Aunty Pat probably thinks this blog post is about her.

She is correct! And this in her own words…

“I am feeling a lot better. I am feeling that I will be able to get on with my life and hoping that there will be another Christmas computer message from me. 

I am feeling very definite about that. That’s my goal. And having a bit of fun in-between! The world is not going to stop me just because I had a stroke…”

Get Well Soon xx