Australia Day in Words and Pictures.

Friday saw the Woogettes triumph on the tennis court with Jack coming runner up in the doubles….
And this young man taking out the Under 10 Singles title, despite being 8! He dedicated his win to his former coach Dave. Dave told me that his Mum reads this blog, so Hi to Dave’s Mum! Aren’t our sons awesome?

 We jumped straight in the car after the celebrations, which comprised of a slushy and a pat on the head, and headed up to Jabba for the weekend. 

Actually, we sat in gridlock for some time. I swore. A bit. The kids had headphones on so I could do so without damaging innocent souls.

Australia Day dawned and treated us with the most picture perfect weather one could hope for. The thing about the community at Jabba is that THEY ARE VERY MUCH INTO COMMUNITY EVENTS. Which is fine by me!

There were running races, 3 legged races, piggy back races and tug-o-war. The kids and their cousins were eager participants.

I eagerly participated in the culinary offerings available.

Then this flew up the beach and landed on my lap, so I took it as a sign that I won at eating.

Mr Woog won at reading.

But we both won at bargain hunting!

Before the beach festivities, Mr Woog and I went to a huge garage sale. It was more of a deceased estate sale. The man who now resides at the big beach in the sky, was quite a character if his collection of possessions was anything to go by.

There was easily a hundred people waiting to get into the sale.

I bought this rug. I cannot tell you how much it cost me because you will hate me.

Meh, I got enough friends. It cost me $10. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT?

I spied another rug out of the corner of my eye, and without even unrolling it, I asked how much it cost. The salesman said “Oh same as the other one, $10” so I agreed that it needed to come home with me.

Be still my beating heart.

This morning I moved it and noticed something on the back.

Yeah, I think I got a good deal. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT?

My brother dropped by with his daughter. She is very friendly.

My brother in law bought his kids up. He is handy. I put him to work.


Then he got busy on the BBQ, cooking up a beautiful shoulder of lamb, in which I defended my title by demolishing it with gusto.

And that is how we Woogs rolled on Australia Day.
What did you get up to? 
Eat some lamb?
Accidentally rob someone?