Just a little crush.

Taylor Swift is a 23 year old American Pop Singer. She is super angsty in her lyrics, where she laments lost love, heartbreak, betrayal and the like. She seems to chew through boyfriends like nobodies business and is forever hooking up with the wrong fella.

Why do I know this?

Because in our house, she is discussed everyday.

My youngest son Jack is the instigator of all these discussions. He is obsessed with all things Swift.

Just last week, he asked me if I could invite Taylor Swift to his birthday party.

He also asked whether Taylor Swift would be interested in teaming with him for the next school talent quest.

It reminded me of my own obsessions at a young age.

Martin Kemp

Nik Kerhsaw

Simon le Bon

I had a thing for 80’s British Glamorous Boys and, like Jack, I wanted them all to come to my birthday parties and even went so far as to write them all a letter, in hope that at least one of them would jump on a plane and get themselves out to North Richmond so I could play Spin the Bottle with them.

I never heard back from any of them, and that is just plain rude.

Jon Bon Jovi came along at the right tome to help me over my heartache. It is a love that is still alive to this day.

I mean, I am only human. Jon is like a fine wine…..

Back in the day, if I had access to a big mother-fucker Mac computer, I too would have spent hours and hours filling up the hard drive with excellent lip syncing concerts as well. 

Except I would not have had our lovely cleaner Lily in the background, chucking a complete bitch-fit at her sister.

(It was just before Christmas I suppose. Everyone gets a little tense at their rellos around that time…..)