Konnichiwa Kimono Jackets!

Yesterday I was folding me up a bunch of clean laundry when it hit me like a thunderbolt. 

I had not done a fashion post for ages. Not since the brouhaha that was the Kaftan Mania that was November. So I had a look through the quagmire that is my wardrobe and discovered that I owned quite the collection of Kimono jackets and army cargo pants. 

And because I am not actually IN the army I have decided to teach you all I know about Kimono Jackets. Because I am Japanese.*

I have accidentally been collecting Kimono Jackets since I bought one in America a few years ago and fell in love with it. Since then, I have my eye open for this versatile item. They suit me better than a more tailored jacket.

For I am not a box and they make me look like a fridge carton.

I have even bought my friend Bev one!

She likes to wear it while testing out her pelvic floor.

5 reasons why I am an advocate for the Kimono Jacket.
  1. You can pick them up cheaply, and cheerfully if you are in a good mood.
  2. They suit EVERYONE and are easily taken up if required. 
  3. You can put one on and instantly appear a bit fancier. Will dress up the jean and t-shirt uniform beautifully.
  4. The are not “on trend” so you don’t need to worry about “working back” anything. (What does “working back” mean? Help.)
  5. They give you a slimming line down the front while the back drapes over any lumps.
And because I am thorough, here are a few suggestions on how to wear them. Please not that this is my own style. By all means if you have a banging set of pins, they also work with short dresses. Just no denim underpants please!

Except for the heels. Am allergic.
(SIDE NOTE – This post is taking me fucking FOREVER to put together! Which is why I do not do fashion posts often. Fashion and food bloggers are patient folk, for what it is worth. They need more appreciation generally speaking)

If you happen to still be reading, here are a few Kimono Jackets I have found on the net. They are all from The Iconic because they have free delivery and if you have not worn it in 3 months, you can still return them, no questions asked.

These are all under $60.00 as well, so a bit of a bargain. 
Cooper Street Dutchess Kimono – $59.98

Cooper Street Marble Kimono – $59.98
CLICK HERE and smile FFS

Rip Curl Bijou Kimono – $30.00

So there you go, a round up and argument as to why you should have a kimono jacket in your possession.

Would you? Could you?

*am not actually Japanese, but I wish I had a dollar every time I meet someone, who thinks with a name like Woog, that I should be Asian. Not Asian. Of Irish heritage.