Label Review – Metalicus

Although the first day of school went well for me yesterday, it was a different story for one of the Woogettes, whose re-entry into his new educational establishment went, well in a word, diabolically.

So after a chat with the Deputy Principal, it was established that a swift drop off via the kiss and drop line was the best approach to take from now on.

This morning we pulled up. The kids alighted from the car, which I actually DID bring to a halt, before I sped off. Not looking back. Blinking through my tears.

We had decided that the DP would call me an hour into the morning to give me a report regarding the delicate situation. I hung around the neighbourhood and received the call, telling me that there was nothing to worry about. He was happy.

Which made me happy. Ecstatic, if I am to be honest.

I was so relieved. I decided that since I was in the commercial neighbourhood, I would take myself on a little tour of the vast shopping centre, as I had not been near a clothes shop the entire school holidays. Which I am sure is not actually true, but it felt like it.

Just a window shop. Nothing else.

The offerings everywhere where fairly unimpressive to say the least. Thank god! But I did scout around one label that I have always liked, but have never purchased.

Metalicus makes comfy stretchy clothes, that when incasing my legs, reminds me of a giant German bratwurst. I would love to wear this label as comfort is the main factor when it comes to clothes for me.

I do have one Metalicus dress. I wear it around the house and feel all lithe and slinky and delicate until I cop the site of myself in a mirror and wonder who the fat chick is, staring back at me. 

The one that looks a lot like me….

So today, I was enviously fingering all the Metalicus clothes when the Sales Assistant came and basically implored me to join their loyalty program.

Now I am not a fan of any loyalty programs apart from Qantas Frequent Flyer and The Country Road Card, as they are the only ones that I actually see any benefits coming back my way.

I told her I didn’t want one. Nicely of course. She was doing her job.

She didn’t hear me and proceeded to list the features and benefits of joining the program like a well rehearsed Marketing Managers wet dream.

I stopped fingering all the clothes, wished her good day, left the Metalicus section and went into the rest of Myer where I could be guaranteed to shop without any harassment, let alone service.

What loyalty cards to you cart around?
Do you have a favourite label? What is it?

or perhaps more interestingly……

Is there a clothing label that you can’t wear? 
Why not?