Meet Bernard & Elsie!

A new tradition has emerged at Jabba the Hut. Visitors are encouraged to bring her a small gift in exchange for letting them sleep in some very questionable beds. And when I say small, I mean something that might have cost $5 but is worth a whole heap more, sentimentally.

These two little ceramic lobsters are actually salt and pepper shakers that my mate Bev found in her travels and bought to Jabba as a most fancy offering. They have been called Bernard and Elsie. They come from Bateman’s Bay. 

Says so on each of them in cracked, gold lettering.

Today, I went hunting and gathering at my local charity shops. It was a very good expedition.

A large chest of drawers was found. I held my breathe and was delighted to discover it was intact and very solid. I slid $30 across the counter to the grumpy faced lady and told her I would pick it up Friday. The plan is to clean her up a bit and paint the top of it. Not sure what colour yet, so it you have any ideas please let me know.


Next up, I went to the OTHER charity store. It is run like a well oiled machine and always has the best music playing. Today, everyone was getting down to these dudes….

I hummed along and got busy. Foraging, if you will.

Two flawless art-deco light shades. $5 each…

A very cool, old inlaid tray

Stacks of retro canisters….

This, I did not really like but took a photo of it for my friend Stacy, who likes dolphins.

Someones entire collection of miniature booze bottles! 

Some very nice glass wear

A cool retro Pav dish with… get this, THE RECIPE PRINTED ONTO IT!

Ok, that is all very nice but what did I actually purchase? I am a bit fussy and space is at a premium at Jabs. And sometimes I buy things that make no sense at all….. such as….

Old brass terrine moulds that double as wall art.
There is a fish and a lobster and they need appropriate names please!

A large wicker tray
a little pottery Art Deco vase
and a huge, vintage, mofo amber geenie bottle

Go on, play it. It will make you smile…

The lot for under $60. Not bad hey!

Do you ever shop second hand?
And what should I call the fish and the lobster?
(It turns out that they are both ladies.)