Sentimental Eating.

We are moving to the burbs in March and one of the things that I will miss the most is being able to amble up the street and eat when I just cannot be assed to cook.

Last night, we hit up one of our all time favourites. I introduced my kids to the magic that is pink lemonade and prawn cutlets. I big serve of nostalgia right there.

Growing up, one of my fondest memories was on a Friday night, before my parents divorced. We would go up to the North Richmond Sporties Club and have dinner. The Chinese restaurant there was always packed with families. 

Dad would refer to the owner as “Charlie Chan” which, looking back now is actually quite racist but no one raised an eyebrow back then. The owner did not care, he would just keep pouring Black Tower and pink lemonades. After dinner, us kids would go and play British Bulldog 123 with all the other kids on the bowling greens.

The parents would remain inside and get rip-roaringly pissed before driving us home, where we would play corners in the car  and listen to the oldies sing along to Sweet Caroline.

Fun times.

We have been going to our Chinese Restaurant for about 16 years. Before we got engaged. The place has not changed in all those years. I recall taking Harry in when he was 3 weeks old and showing him to all the staff, explaining and thanking them for the chicken spring roll orders that came in at odd times in the day.

Cravings are awesome. 

It is weird to see him sitting at the table, such a big boy cracking jokes with the waiters. They always remind him that he was once in a pram, in that corner right over there.

Excuse my awesome photography, won’t you? I was hocked up on pink lemonades.

This is Lawrence. At the end of your meal he comes over and pulls  Kit Kats out of your ears. And if it is your birthday, you get a cake and he presents you with the biggest samurai sword to cut it.

This is Stanley, and along with his brother William, they have been running Lee’s Fortuna Court for the last eleventy billion years. He has dozens of great stories and can tell you all about the famous and infamous clients he has served up his famous lamb pancakes to over the years.

If you ever fancy a fine dine on some fabulous chine, Get yourself to Lee’s Fortuna Court. You are best off to book.

Address: 24 Falcon Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Phone:(02) 9906 3838 

Tell Stanley Mrs Woog sent you and you would prefer a positive fortune cookie. I had to crack 5 to get this one.

I like the word should.
Do you have a sentimental eatery?
Tell me all about it!