No Stigma Here.

“It’s just so bizarre how in this world if you have asthma, you take asthma medication. If you have diabetes, you take diabetes medication. But as soon as you have to take medicine for your mind, it’s such a stigma behind it.”
 – Jennifer Lawrence

Having spent the past month or so artfully dodging my black dog, she finally caught up with me on the weekend. 
And how!
Asshole. I hate her. Her name is Fang and she is a real piece of work. She likes to visit when I am exhausted, run down, vulnerable, not taking care of myself properly and when I have just had it up to my pussy’s bow. 
Add all that and my upcoming move this week, and she saw her opportunity to pounce.
But she can be sent scampering with a well thought out plan devised with my beautiful GP Eve. Fang is on the way out. It was a swift visit but her presence will be felt for a little longer.
Having spoken to quite a few mates around the traps in the past couple of days, I know for sure that Fang is a prolific breeder and that there is no shame in putting your hand up and letting someone know if she is prowling around at your place.
Simply by letting someone know of her presence sends shivers down her spine and she retreats a little. 
There is nothing wrong with you. You are one of millions of Australians who Fang tracks down.
So please joins me in saying Fuck Off Fang, and help kick that bitch to the kerb.
Have you seen Fang lately?
How did you deal with her?