PMS-ing off my brain.

Sonia Kluger and I have spent a lot of time bonding recently as I do the one hour round trip, twice a day, to drop the kids off to school. During this time, I have been indulging in some talk back radio auditory exercises which has quite literally bought me to tears.

Yesterday, while stuck in traffic, Paul Murray was appealing to readers to donate cash to replace $4000 that some bastards stole from a 70 year old charity worker, collecting in a supermarket.

Anyway, Paul Murray called for support to replace to cash for the Kids with Cancer Charity and by the end of the half hour appeal, they had raised the $4000 and actually had bought the total up to $10,000.

Kids calling in with their pocket money, old ladies donating $20, Barry O’Farrell pledging $500 of his own money (should match it and donate the same to the NSW Department of Education in my opinion…) and there was me.

Bawling like a baby at the goodness of people.

At 3.30pm I was on the way home with the exhausted crew and once again I flicked onto my talkback.

This time it was Jason Morrison* hosting the afternoon drive time. A caller phoned in, warning Jason that there was a labrador puppy running through the M2 Tunnel at Beecroft. The caller told the announcer that the puppy was smiling.


I clung onto every word as the drama unfolded live over the radio, Eventually, I burst into more tears when it was reported that a road crew had stopped all traffic and had captured the puppy.

The puppy was ecstatic and was going on a massive licking rampage. And I was bawling. AGAIN!

What was wrong with me?

I was PMSing off my brain, was what was wrong with me.

When I was duffed, I was not allowed to watch the news or any ads with babies in them, as it would reduce me to a hot mess.

And now it would seem, that I need to ban myself from radio as well.

At the beginning of the week, I asked you to tell me what made you gag. Your comments were so descriptive, I actually investigated unsuccessfully how to close off the comment section, because the thought of some of the topics bought up made me green…. banana? *shudders*

But today, I ask you my dear friend, 

What makes you cry?
What is that one thing that guaranteed to reduce you to a blubbering mess?

And you cannot say talkback radio, because I have embarrassingly already claimed that as my own.
Hey, I never said I had smarts…
*sick of listening to men on commercial radio. Just saying.