Banging on about Blogging

So I have only been in this blogging world for about 16 months and the things I have seen! I tell you the terrain has changed enormously. And depending on where you are coming from and where you want to go with your blog, that change may or may not be a good thing for you. Or perhaps you do not care.

I was recently asked what the best experience I have had with blogging and I did not hesitate to say the opportunity to meet and interact with bloggers and readers from all over the world. And I mean it. But like all good things that grow, there comes a time when the commercial world sits up and takes notice. And in Australia that time starts now.

I like this diagram I stole from Mom Blog Magazine. To me it shows the definitions that can sometimes blur when you start to think of your blog as a job. Did you start your blog to become a way of creating income? I didn’t and I still cannot see how it can. I also do not want my blog to be something that I have to do to fulfil commitments to other people or organisations. Make sense?

If I had to, I would place myself on the green side, with perhaps a pink scarf on. You?

Lately I have been running all over town going to different blogging functions. PR and Marketing Departments have recognised that Mum Bloggers + Booze = Feelgood PR Gold. Yesterday I went to the most fancy of them all. Of all things, we were there to learn about home care. Home Care? Yes. Home care….. Just one more thing to worry about.

A group of Mum Bloggers were collected in Limos from their houses and taken to a private residence in the Eastern Suburbs. Some super-bloggers were even flown in from interstate for the event. As I was driven through Double Bay and beyond, I gazed up at the zillion dollar houses and wondered out aloud “Who the fuck lives like this?” to which Boris the driver replied without missing a beat “Gangsters Madam.”

We pulled up to the biggest house of them all and were greeted by Lifestyle Guru Shannon Fricke, who was lovely and warm. We had a giggle about ridiculous surnames. I met one of the best fragrance gurus in the world, A natty Japanese man named Jugin who guessed correctly that I was wearing YSL Paris. He taught me about top, middle and bottom notes. (smells, not singing). And as a group of mummy bloggers, we were pumped full of coffee, food and information.

This picture below represents thousands of readers a day. Why wouldn’t brands be working with bloggers? PS It is not rude to tweet during PR days. It just looks rude.

Uberblogger Eden Riley Hoovering lunch cooked by Flying Fish Chef Peter Kuruvita. There was wine.

The presentation continued after lunch and when it was suggested that “our lives revolved around the home” I hightailed it out of there and went and chatted with the PR ladies who had put the event together.

I told them how amazing the day was. I also suggested to them that I was highly unlikely to write about “home care” on my blog. I half suspected that a huge goon called Rupert would appear from out of no-where are throw me out onto the street. But I was wrong.

We discussed the future of blogging and it’s relationship within the corporate world. What was expected from bloggers when they were approached or courted, if anything? Were we under obligation to write anything? Should we publish a bad review? It was great to gassbag with some true PR pros who underneath the smiles and blow drys were extraordinarily business savvy specimens.

It was true food for thought. I have put together a little list of observations and thoughts from the past few months when it comes to working with brands.

Know the difference between PR Agencies and Marketing Departments.

RSVP to any invites or offers you get. No matter what. For god sake you are a lady!

Approach an invite with the thought “Would this make good content” or “Will I enjoy this experience?”

Remember you are not obliged to write about anything unless you have signed a contract.

Do not sign a contract unless you are a thousand percent sure. Trust me on this one.

Be polite and professional to everyone you meet. The PR world is a bit of a revolving door and you never know where or when someone will pop up.

Know that you and your blog have a currency and a brand. And that is you.

Do not change your own brand at the request of others.

When you write, do not think “Who is reading this?”

Do not worry where your blog will take you or what you want to do with your blog. Just write goddamit. And say YES to things you think you could not do. Why the fuck not?

Do not sell your blog for a quart of milk and a stick of butter.

Never say never.


    Fundamentally I write my blog for the discipline of writing. I will not change my content to suit the needs of potential sponsors. I have had to turn down some wonderful opportunities because I would have to change my voice. Sod that. With me, what you see is what you get. And I only work for one organisation.

    I am the CEO of WoogsWorld Inc, a small but dynamic firm overseeing 3 staff. I specialise in conflict resolution, growth and development, transportation issues, nutritional aspects and vodka consumption.

    Me after some vodka consumption, defacing the Ford Car with lipstick at the Top 50 Bloggers event this week. I somehow do not think there will be a Ford Sponsorship coming my way any time soon…….