WIN an Outfit from Ollie & Max!

Ten long days was all it took for the school drop off to go from being a complete nightmare, to a complete breeze. A fact that this  Mamma is extremely thankful for.

I am not going to lie to you. It has been very trying. But for the past 3 mornings, I have had a smile and a kiss and a wave at the gate.


Thank you for all of your support and lovely words. And for those of us who are still battling the school drop off, it does get easier. I am walking, talking, living proof.

I got an email from one of my favourite designers, Sam from Ollie & Max, asking me if I would like a new shirt from her range.

I told her that instead of one for me, could I give one away to one of my gorgeous readers instead.

So she came back to me and wanted to know whether we could give away an entire outfit. OF COURSE I SAID YES PLEASE!

I first met Sam a few years back at the markets where she was selling her fantastic shirts. Since then she has gone on to expand her range and her business. I love her garments because they are of good quality, suit everyone and she sensibly stocks sizes 8-24.

Also works with pants or a skirt. Preferable.

The shirt is one of my wardrobe staples. There is nothing like a fresh, white, crisp cotton shirt to instantly lift your mood. This particular style, as I said, SUITS EVERYONE.

I bet a bottle of vodka on that fact. And I do not like to give away vodka to anyone that is not my liver.

What is the prize?

My favourite shirt, this amazing stretchy skirt and a lovely cotton silk scarf all from the Ollie & Max range. Valued at $200. Pretty nice right?

To enter? 
I will keep it simple. 
In 25 words (or thereabouts…) tell me in the comment section… 

Why should these pieces from Ollie & Max 
take up real estate in your closet.

Sam from Ollie & Max will choose a winner and I will let you know on Friday 22nd Feb who that person is. 
(I cannot choose winners, because I get too emotionally invested and it takes me far too long.)

So thank you to Ollie & Max for donating this prize. 
Please visit for information on their complete range and you can find them on Facebook HERE.

And thank you to you, for putting up with my misery for the past few weeks xxxx