Cash or Credit?

This post is the first in a series bought to you by Aussie’s new low rate Platinum MasterCard. They asked me to share a few travel & shopping stories. The new platinum card offers a low rate, low annual fees, no international transaction fees on purchases, extended warranty insurance and complimentary international travel insurance. 

The year was 2004. It was winter. To celebrate the fact that we had managed to stay relatively sane while raising Baby Harry thus far, we packed up some bags and treated ourselves to a holiday in Bali, where the weather was warm and the babysitting services were extremely well priced.

Oh what a wonderful break it was!

Harry and Made. I loved her. And him as well, of course…..
One day Mr. Woog, Harry and myself made the trek into nearby Kuta to hunt down some more nappies. As we had been spending most of our time at the resort, we had been putting everything on our account and had no actual cash.

Travelling using a credit card is by far the easiest way to get around, so an ATM was located and some rupiah was dispensed at about the exact same time that Harry had a massive screaming hissy fit to be fed IMMEDIATELY

We walked down a few streets until we found a nice looking cafe. Harry was fed. Screaming ceased.

All was right in the world. 

We were about to pay the bill when a friendly looking man approached us and sat down at out table. Balinese are fully friendly like that.

From his pocket, he pulled out Mr. Woog’s ATM card. It would seem in the confusion of Harry cracking it, closely followed by myself, that it was left in the ATM machine.

Things were about to get interesting.

The smiley man demanded a lot of money for the return of the card. Mr. Woog started negotiations. 

Things were going back and forth and back and forth until I got really bored and pissed off and tired with a wriggly baby in my arms, so in a move similar to a striking cobra, I snatched that card out of the thief’s hand and wagged my other finger at him, telling him that his mother would be ashamed of him right now.

And that is how you deal with a blackmailer. Like a cobra.

Last year I went to New York, leaving the clan behind me. 

*fist pump*

Mr. Woog gave me an envelope containing American Dollars, instructing me to only use this and not to use the credit card.

He is frightened of the fees.

Because I am not 12 and not an employee of his, or some sort of subservient Sheila, I told him that it was a ridiculous idea. And there was some mention of jamming it….
But in the end I split up that cash. Some in this bag, some in that bag, some in my makeup bag and some in BabyMac’s bag and a couple of bucks in my bra…

I would go and make a daily withdrawal from one of any given bags or bra each morning, thinking that THAT was my daily budget. And then I would go out for the day.

Have I mentioned how good the shopping is in New York?

Every day I would run out of cash and because I could not be bothered to trek back to the Bag ATM and the bra would be telling me that there were insufficient funds, I would whack that shopping on the credit card paying for not only the item that I so desperately needed, but also being stung by that international transaction fee that went along with it. 

By the end of the trip, the whole “cash only” experiment ended up costing a lot more, thanks to the fees on that card.

On my return and a few days later, that bank statement arrived. 

Mr. Woog took himself off into the bedroom for a quiet weep while I showed mates my new treasures. The only winners were me, the US Economy…. and my bank.

He has since come to realize that a card would be preferable to use in future trips.

This post was bought to you by Aussie’s new low rate Platinum MasterCard, a product designed specifically for those of us who enjoy a little overseas travel or like to buy online from foreign retail sites. It includes benefits for travellers like no international transaction fees on purchases and complimentary international travel insurance.

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Which makes me happy!

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Been anywhere exotic lately?
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the snakeskin pants from NYC….