Dodging the law.

After spending ages packing up the car and trailer, we finally left for the long weekend. Destination? Jabba the Hut!

Sonia Kluger was loaded up to maximum capacity. G-pigs and Chuy, 4 adults and 3 kids and a truckload of noise. One one quietly tense blogger travelling with a mirror on her head.

Now, in theory Jabba the Hut is about a 50 minute drive from the bowels of the North Shore of Sydney. In theory. But theory gives way to chaos at the beginning of the long weekend.

As soon as we picked up the kids early from school, Mr Woog noticed that we had no petrol, despite having had all day to fill Sonia’s thirsty tank. We pulled in looking like a travelling circus. I extrapolated myself from my reflective cocoon and selected a mineral water diet coke and some kale chips twisties for the trip.

World’s best road trip food ever? Me thinks so.

The traffic along the Pacific Highway was crawling along. I blessed the good people at Toyota for inventing the built in CD player in the roof.

Little people. Big noise.

We hit the F3 with enthusiasm, as the cars were flowing freely. Mr Woog told Nikki and I that we were banned from talking about blogging and social media, so we ended up tweeting to each other, despite being about ten centimetres apart.

Then Mr. Woog pulled the car over silently and got out of the car. My eyes followed him…

Over the mirror I saw….. no. Was it? 

Constable Paul? IS THAT YOU?

Again, I untangled myself from the fucking mirror that I bought ages ago and jumped from the car.

What seems to be the problem officer?

It didn’t look good. Double demerits and fines. He told us what the problem was….

To be continued….