How to shop online.

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Today we are talking about shopping, that long standing tradition that I write down whenever I have to fill in the HOBBIES AND INTEREST section on any form.

I know a few people who do not like shopping. I never really understood that sentiment. And if you are someone that does not like shopping, then this post is not for you.

And if you DO like shopping, go and get a cuppa before we start. You will require sustenance.

Home Grown Monogram Mug. $8

Aussie has asked me to share my favorite online stores from overseas. I probably do spend more time physically shopping than I do online shopping, because I consider it my cardio, and we have to get in as much exercise as we can. Am I right?

But, I do tend to head virtually overseas for several things that are just way cheaper when ordered online. And, if I can be completely honest, the range offered in far more extensive.


You are going to have to get yourself familiar with this first.


Ok, we are going to rip the band aid off and start with swimmers. I buy my swimmers online as I only wear the brand Miraclesuit. To buy these in Australia, you are looking at up to $300. I KNOW!

I would never spend that much on a cossie, but these ones suit my wobbly bits and ample chesticals the best. They last a long time and are so comfy. And they really do shave the kegs off.  It is the magical, “miracle” fabric that sucks you in like it ain’t nobodies business! 

Visit CyberSwim for the best deals around – Here you will pay $148, not $230 charged in Australian department stores. They cater for all body shapes and sizes. 

Check them out. I think you will like them.


The business when it comes to anything and everything. It is one of my favourite places to online shop. You shop in Australian dollars and they have very low shipping rates. Like my other fave Macy’s, the choice is staggering.  And yes, I have the hots for this watch at $73.70.


Fancy outfits for hipsters, of which I am clearly not. But what gets me all hot under the collar and foaming from the mouth is their collection of very affordable and funky home wares. I even made a little collage for you, to show you what I am lusting after! Prices a fraction of what you would pay here.


The thing about buying beauty products in Australia that gives me the irrits is the price! We are paying up to double people, and it’s just not cricket

So when I first popped my Internet shopping cherry with a strawberry, I was beyond delighted! This site is a mega powerhouse of discounted top brand names. If you need it on your face, chances are they are selling it. For a lot less. 

Free delivery, and each product comes beautifully wrapped, so it is like getting a gift, for you. Or they will send it to any address as an actual gift.

But let’s get back to prices shall we? See this little Stila eye shadow that I adore? In the store it will cost you $45, but at this site it will cost you $22.50. SEE WHAT I MEAN?


The Mac Daddy of them all, this site rolls all of the most popular online stores under the one roof. With outlets such as Shopbob, Modcloth, Endless, Revolve and dozens more, this might be the best place to start searching for the perfect…… well, whatever you are after!

So there are a few of my favorite sites that I can get lost in for hours. Did you find any of these helpful?

I would love it if you wanted to add any of yours in the comment section.
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