Oven Slaving with Mrs Woog – Snack Toastie

I would put living without a kitchen right up there with trying to find a park near our school at 3.15pm. Utterly frustrating.

I keep forgetting that there are no facilities and I am sick to death of washing up in the bath. For those who suggested it is just like camping, that is all very well and good, but guess what?

I fucking HATE camping.

I suppose the one thing that I have been lucky with is that I have several electrical appliances that have helped me out this week. (although I am beginning to admit I wish I had bought a Thermomix.)

Many moons ago, Mrs Ryan bought Mr Woog a flat grill because Mr Woog enjoys making things wrapped in Lebanese bread, such as kebabs, and likes to finish them off with a light toasting.

With this appliance available, I thought I would continue the oven slaving series with an trusted old favourite. 

The snack toastie.

Do not be confused. It is not a jaffle. We do have a jaffle maker somewhere, but it is so revolting that I dare not put my families life in jeopardy by using it. 

Prepare your grill. You do this by plugging it into a power point.

Gather your ingredients. We went classic with ham, cheese and tomato, but you are only limited by your imagination!

Prepare your snack toastie. The trick is to NOT IGNORE THE EDGES! Make sure that all your fillings are not lumped in the middle. It is a trap for young players and will result in an inferior snack toastie.

There is also the controversial topic of using butter on the outside to encourage a more toasted crust. I believe that this is totally up to you, but when using Turkish bread, as we are doing in this example, you cannot go wrong with a light spray of olive oil on the grill. 

As the cheese and ham are quite salty, you can get away with a seasoning of cracked, black pepper, but as ours in in a box somewhere, we did without.

Place your toastie into the grill and squash it down. Hard. If you are using grated cheese, be aware that there is a high chance that as the toastie cooks, you may experience spillage out the side. Clean with paper towel. Immediately.

Your snack toastie should take only about 3-4 minutes to cook. Serve hot, and if you are addicted to Pinterest, use your new found inspirations when serving….

And if you live in our house currently, find yourself an area that is not covered in shit and dust and plaster and tools and rubbish and cords, and get your eat on…

Wait until I have cleaned it all up and put everything away before you inform me that you are still hungry and wish to roll a second snack toastie.

Please note, all are required to currently eat a carrot as an entree this week, to stave of any sighs of scurvy. Although, this morning we discovered that the milk had gone off because the fridge cord had been tripped over during the early evening and became disconnected.

So the kids had chocolate chip biscuits for breakfast today, with a banana chaser. They think I am marvellous.

And that, my friends, is how to make a snack toastie.

Are you are fan of the toasted treat?
What is your filling of choice?