Polishing a turd. Part one.

It was just a little over a week ago when the Good Dr. Eve insisted that I eliminate all the stress in my life. I assured her that I was totally down with that.

Then I wrote a restaurant review which created at least 6 unfavourable articles in the mainstream news, not to mention that fact that I had to take my contact page down, for I was receiving many, many emails of the unsavoury kind.

When. Will. I. Learn. To. Keep. My. Trap. Shut?

The answer to that is obviously, never.

How to eliminate stress. How to eliminate stress……..

I know! Move into a stinky old house and renovate it! Piece of cake.

We are in the unusual position of having taken on a ten year lease on a draughty, old art-deco cottage which comes with a small budget to make some “cosmetic changes” to it.

Check her out!

Now I love a challenge and I love stretching a budget further than a pair of cheap pantyhose, so the extended challenge was accepted with glee. 

After a few tears at the state it was in when we first opened the door.

That is right my friend. We had not seen the interior when we agreed to this new adventure. It is a bit like a home makeover reality show around these parts, minus the cameras and sponsors. 

Although having said that, Howard’s Storage World is helping with one project, so stay tuned….

6 days in and we have filled 2 skips, painted most of her, changed the carpets and installed some blinds, kissing goodbye the floral numbers. The key person in this whole operation is Alan.

That is him sitting at the table with Mr Woog having a red wine. 

Alan can do everything. And he even turned up yesterday with dinner for us from his mate’s Vietnamese Restaurant, rice paper rolls of which the like I have never tasted before.

But I won’t go into that too much, as I am NOT DOING ANY MORE RESTAURANT REVIEWS!

Can you see the potential? Can you?

There are many lovely features of this house, but my far the most useful and used feature is the cat flap on the back door. You see I keep locking myself out of the house as I have not yet put the house keys onto the car keys, something that as soon as I finish this post, I am going to do straight away.

Because I need to eliminate stress in my life.