Review – The Rooty Hill RSL Club.

If someone invites me out to dinner, I am most likely to accept. This is because I like to eat other people’s cooking more than my own. And when an invitation was recently issued to go and dine at the Rooty Hill RSL Club, who was I to say no!

The Rooty Hill RSL is an institution located in the western suburbs of Sydney. Built in 1964, it opened it’s doors with 127 members. Fast forward to modern day, and roughly 48,000 people enjoy the clubs facilities.

The Rooty Hill RSL Club is Australia’s biggest RSL club and the sheer size of it quite overwhelming. In fact, it covers 20 acres. A lot of pokies and schnitties and schooners and the like.

But we are not here for a history lesson? We are here to discuss the food. In particular, the food at Zest Grill and Wok.
The setting

3 different fancy butters

The setting for dinner was a private room. As there were only 8 of us, and with at least 4 VERY loud talkers, I suspect that this was to keep the regular punters safe.

Important decisions….

Having scoped out the menu, I must be honest that I was a little bit put out that there was no Fisherman’s Basket on offer. You know the ones, from the freezer to the fryer to your face? Crab claws and “seafood” sticks.

So I went out and checked out the regular menu in the bistro and noted this light meal was quite popular….

And I noted that some folk were doing their best carb loading. Lasagna AND chips AND Garlic bread? Genius!

But I had a date to keep, so back to the room I went where I ran into a couple of scallywags.

I started with the vegetarian Tart Tar-tin, which was packed full of roasted veggies encased in the most delightful pastry finished with rocket and a myriad of different sauces. It was simply one of the most delightful things to ever grace my mouth.

The range of mains made selection difficult but eventually I settled on the chook, as did the redhead sitting to my left.

And her doppelganger, complete with matching glasses, chowed down on a fillet of beef in a read wine jus. AND POTATO BAKE! Who can say no to potato bake?

Sides included parsnips and brocilini. Brocolini is my favourite green FYI. Because, like me, it suffers from an identity crisis and does not really know where it belongs.

I questioned the carrots, but turns out that they were NOT something found in the back of the fridge that you placed there 6 months ago. They are called heirloom carrots and are supposed to look like that.

I also whispered in the ear of a tentative waiter and within minutes, hot chips arrived. Klassy. It was agreed that they were the best hot chips in the world. Because apparently they were flash fried twice. There was some talk about the use of polenta, but I called bullshit on that.

Hot and salty. Never out of style.

The meal was finished with a selection of lovely cheeses…..

And a fabulous fruit platter…..
The staff at the Rooty Hill RSL Club were great. One person that stood out was Deborah. Deborah is a teachers aid during the day and works in the function division at the club as well. 

Once dinner was over, and everyone went their separate ways, she and I had a chat. She told me that she was at school when she got a call asking her to work on a very special assignment. And it was thrilling and exciting and her son was so proud of her.
I had to laugh…. I am not special at all!

Deborah said she was just pleased that she didn’t drop anything on anyone. I told her, nothing would have shown up on ye olde leopard print kaftan, so she was free to throw anything on it. I would just moosh it in and Bob’s your uncle.

Got a function to organise?

And the big question. 
Are you a Parmigiana type of person, 
or would you have preferred the seafood special?
Dined at any clubs lately?