Better Home and Garden.

It is the first day of the NSW School Holidays here, heralding the end of a term that will go down in history as my least favourite ever.

I grossly underestimated how hard it would be to move schools, move into a new area and move into the stinkiest, dampest, yellow and pink and purplest house in the world.

As a family, we have ironed out the issues as they arose and shook things up until the crap had separated from the good stuff, and I move into the second quarter of the year more optimistically.

But back to the stinky house. If you are not a fan of before and after shots, click away now!

She wore lemon. And salmon!

My friend Bev said that this room reminded of her childhood, when you had to go to piano lessons in an old lady’s house. It rang true for me as well.

Ironically, there is an old lady piano teacher who lives across the road. You see the students going in and out and if you listen carefully, you can hear the tinkling of keys.

Ironically, there is also an unpleasant lady who lives on an aptly named BATTLE-AXE block at the back of our place. The tinkling of keys does not down out her constant screeching of displeasure at everything that goes on it our street. We were warned about her when we moved in.

Mr Woog has exclusive rights when dealing with her.

If you are thinking about decorating with wallpaper, please rethink. This bastard took days to come off.

The study was a study in lemon and deep purple. It is now my favourite room in the house and where I write this blog from.

The kitchen was where the biggest changes were made. I am sorry I didn’t get a shot of the rotting cork tiles. Underneath were beautiful floorboards. THAT I GET TO SWEEP EVERYDAY!

Please note that I shoved all the crap out of the way to take that shot up there. It usually looks like this. I will not even show you the quagmire that the Woogette’s currently live in. It is a disgrace.

So the house is better. The garden is enjoying more attention from Mr. Woog than it has had in years! He is planting roses to grow over the front of the place.  Battle-axe lady likes to give him advice on everything he is doing wrong….

And Alan painted the front door red for good luck.

I will let you know how that goes…..