Like it’s 1999!

Thank GOD it is Friday!

It has taken nearly a week to recover from the festivities from last weekend which saw us in our very own “Woog’s Amazing Race”. We dashed over Sydney celebrating birthdays, a wedding and of course, the first round of rugby.

The weekend culminated in Jack’s 7thBirthday party, which was planned entirely on the sales and services site Gumtree.  

And thank heavens it was!

We arrived home at 11am on the Sunday and with guests due to arrive at 2pm, I started with the nervous sweats. Mother Nature could tell I was stressing a little bit, so decided to part the clouds and let the sun shine in.

During our absence, the Jumping Castle had been delivered and set up in the backyard.

At noon, the caterer arrived with all the food and set up the most delightful buffet table that I ever did see. It was my job to stop my kids from getting stuck in, there and then.

At 1.30pm, the disco people arrived to set up the lights and audio and to meet the birthday boy.

And at 2pm, on the dot, the backyard was full to capacity with new friends from school, old mates from the past and of course, our HUGE family!

It was a strange feeling not having to run around like a madwoman, sending Mr. Woog up to the supermarket for last minute, forgotten items. Such as serviettes. Instead, I jumped on the dance floor.


The best thing about it? Come 4pm the children were collected. By 5pm, all of the fabulous businesses that I had found on Gumtree had packed up, cleaned up and were out of here*.
And by 6pm, the kids were asleep while Mr. Woog and I shared a well-earned glass of wine on the couch, as we asked ourselves…

“What just happened here?”

As far as ease, I gave the whole process 10 out of 10.

Thank you to the businesses that I found through Gumtree. If you live in the Sydney area I can highly recommend the following:

Click here for customized adorable invitations

Click here for the cutest caterer in town

Click here for awesome disco entertainment FOR 2 HOURS!

Click here for a well-priced jumping castle with great customer service. They also hire Sumo Suits…. just saying…

And with my 40th Birthday not too far away, the easiest way to start planning is through Gumtree. Once I am done with denying that I am actually growing up.

*all except for the Jumping Castle, who asked if they could pick it up on Tuesday Morning. We made full use of our free time with it. 

What is the best party you have been to?

Jumped on a Jumping Castle Lately? In your PJ’s?


 PS Thanks to Aunty Mim for the Skittles Cake!