My Daily Ritual + a $500 JVC Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of their Flavor Infused Range, Mocconna has asked me to share with you a daily ritual that I do. Just for myself.

Coming up with my daily ritual was easy. And tracing it back, it was interesting to note that it started when I was 17.

I was at high school and it was safe to say that I was not the most diligent of students. I got by on a wing and a prayer and a steel-trap-like mind that could get me out of almost any sticky situation.

Even, for example, being caught in my school uniform with a cigarette in my hand. That particular teacher had a well known drinking problem, so when I told him that I had merely picked it up from behind the chapel to extinguish it before it burnt our Lords house down, and he totally bought it.

Given that we have already established that I didn’t qualify for the Gifted and Talented Program, you might not be surprised at all to learn that my daily ritual comprised of….

The Bold and The Beautiful.

It was the beginning of a short lived but enthusiastic obsession.

Brooke and Eric got married. I think Brooke married most of those Forrester’s at one point. I recall thinking she was so beautiful and glamorous.

And then Amber Moore nee Forrester Nee Ashby Nee Romalotti, rolled into town. Getting gainful employment as Rick’s Nanny, her charms could not be avoided by the teenager, and well. What do you know?



That saucy minx ran the show for a while there.

There seemed to be a wedding, a birth or a death each week. And there was always someone SO OUTRAGED BY THE WHOLE THING!

Oh, my friend, that poor old banner is so worn out and soiled and tattered and torn
by the fickle winds of your vicissitude.
Then I grew up a bit and this ritual became a thing of the past, something that happens when you are required to be at a desk, working away until the sun goes down.
With the introduction of offspring into the mix, I again sought solace in “my stories.” But things were different. They lacked a certain ridiculousness that appealed to me as a youngster. So I installed pay television and opened my eyes to a whole new world of entertainment.

Reality Television.

I breastfed a bubba through the entire second series of America’s Next Top Model, the one where Yoanna House won. I tried but failed to get attached to Project Runway. I began to become mildly familiar in someone called Kim Kardashian, who was apparently to replace Paris Hilton as the handbag/dog carrier de jour.

Survivor, The Apprentice, The Amazing Race and American Idol were all shows that I had an emotional investment in. Then as the babies became toddlers, watching TV in the day became less and less possible, because there was always something to do or someone to save.

My shows were replaced with Dora and Diego. 

And Peppa Pig * snort *

But old habits die hard.

I still down tools at 2.30 most days, and take 30 minutes to watch some trash TV. Current interests includes these ladies… Naturally!

I need this escape because come 3.15pm, my own reality comes crashing through the door, school bags in hands, demanding to be fed or else they will starve to death.

Together with Moccona, we are giving you the change to WIN a $500 JVC Voucher so you can get your daily trash fix without fear of someone else commandeering the remote!

Or if you don’t need a new TV, you might use it for something else, 
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To win, simply answer the following question in under 50 words.
What is your daily ritual?