Sponsors of Excellence – April

Over the years I have pretty much made myself unemployable because of the very nature of this blog. 

Google me, and words like MERKIN, VODKA and TANTRUM are most likely to appear. Ain’t no recruitment agency going to like that.

As a consequence of my shenanigans, I take on sponsors which allows me to continue to spin out my takes of the mundane, doing the job that I love best. Writing!

I think Spineless Classics were my very first advertiser and they have continued to support the site. They are a company that produces an entire book on a poster! Fabulous gifts for everybody.

Gorgeous kids boutique, I actually met and hung out with the owner Miriam last month. She prides herself on customer care, and always has a great sale happening!

Down That Little Lane is a staunch supporter of Australian Blogging. Running her business entirely online, Tessa co-ordinates  a gorgeous collection of gifts and home wears that should come with a warning. You will spend hours on this site.

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