Storing My Spakfilla

When the people from Howards Storage Worldasked Lorraine the Super-Agent whether I would like them to come and sort out my bathroom, my first question naturally was…

“Is there really a Howard?”

And you know what? There is!

Howard’s Storage World began with a single store in the northern suburbs of Sydney, opening in the early 70’s and run by Les and Edda Howard.

Back then it was called “Stack and Store.”

I was very keen to work with the Howards Team as I had recently moved from a house that had 2 huge bathrooms with loads of storage, to one that is akin to something you might find on say…. A submarine?


Not only extraordinarily unattractive, but commendably unfunctional.

This room is to serve 3 boys, and me. Thankfully there is an outdoor 

thunder box as well.

And I have a product addiction and I am not afraid to share that. Because a lot of us do, and the more we are silent about it, the worse the stigma will become.

The problem I had was that most of my stuff was stored in filing boxes in the bedroom which was most inconvenient when I needed access to my spakfilla.

So I was up for the challenge.

Cathy, the Howards Storage Expert, arrived and together we pulled everything out and sorted it into things that are used frequently, sometimes used and hardly ever.

We were working under less than ideal conditions.

I enlisted the help of Alan, who sorted out the abysmal lighting….

And installed a more generous vanity. Which we filled according to the Howards Philosophy, which goes like this…

In a world where living space is at a premium, becoming more organized is a growing need for people who lead busy lives.

Amen Howard!

The vanity, before and after. Be still my beating heart.

One of my favourite systems that Cathy put together was the kit for removing unwanted hairs, be via plucking, tweezing or snipping. The nose hair scissors are not mine, I swear.

This goes nicely with the extendable, magnifying mirror, positioned near the window to make the most of the natural light. Mo no more.

photo taken before the application of said spakfilla.

The bath was transformed into a more welcoming oasis.

And the bin, a more glamorous receptacle for cotton buds and toilet rolls.

The transformation to the area underneath the sink was nothing short of miraculous.

Made so by these nifty hanging things that made the most of the space caused by a recessed top shelf.

Stepping into the shower is now a delight, with all slimy things removed from the floor. Mr. Woog shaves in the shower, so this was basically made for him.

While this brilliant device… no words.

Alan had to install the shampoo and conditioner dispensers for me, and the mirror. But the rest I did myself thanks to a product line called the Everloc. Mega powerful suction cups that stick like rubber to glue.

Things I use most days….

Superfluous cosmetically enhancing requirements…

The bathroom went from drab to fab in one day. It was so much more glamorous than I expected, it required a view from the loo. Naturally, I thought of Paris.

Ok, so my top 5 products that I love from my makeover?


(actually, anything from this range is fab) 


(Would also make an excellent Mother’s Day gift I think.)

for the entire range of makeup organisers.
WIN A $250 Howards Storage Gift Voucher!

To enter, tell me…. 

What is the current state of your bathroom, and what would you purchase from HOWARDS STORAGE WORLD to ease your woes.

Winner will be chosen on creative merit and will be announced here on Friday 19thApril. 

All with thanks to Howards Storage World.

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Now Howard, what do you suggest for the kitchen….