The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


  • Some assholey blogger has written about this hot cheerleader, questioning whether she was too chunky to wave to shake those pom poms with grace. Oh to be that chunky!

  • A one way ticket to Spankytown was issued to a man who wrote to me, telling me that I was a child abuser following the publication of this story. It caused me to do the rarely seen trio of eye-rolling, floor rolling & head scratching. And then I came over all dizzy.

  • The state of Alantown upon my arrival after 4 days away. Unspeakable horrors. Using paper towel instead of toilet paper because you have run out? No toothpaste? Of course you would brush your teeth with water then pop a tick tac. This evening I am hosting a round table session on basic life skills, as my kin needs a refresher course.


My mate Corrie
  • The inevitable social media shit storm that erupts after articles like this one is published. Hells Bells, you could fart cup cakes for all I care. Go to work, work at home, WAHMS, SAHMS? I don’t mind what you do, and neither should anyone else.

  • Tony Abbott. You will most likely be the next Prime Minister. Start talking to the media please. Properly. Saying actual sentences that actually say something.

  • Tom Waterhouse. Questionable ethics. The penultimate Mummy’s Boy with a big week ahead. Plus he is on my screen every 5 seconds. And I don’t know why….


  • Harry displayed some very strong genetic links to me last night, as he followed his Dad around the house, listing all the reasons that he should be allowed to go out to Eastern Creek today as Mr. Woog’s “Pit Crew”. Harry eventually wore him down. So Proud. Nagging works. RESPECT DUDE!

  • This turn of events has freed me up to spend the day with Jack working on some unique Taylor Swift Choreography.

  • The school holidays are almost over, signalling the fact that I will give my liver and kidneys a break. They have been working extra hard over the past fortnight and are due for some long service leave. Essential organs, I thank you. MWAH!
  • The sun is shining, the coffee is flowing and I am still in my jammies at 9am, waiting patiently, ever so, for the Woolie’s man to delivery the groceries and the much missed bog roll, which will be the first thing to be unpacked. Because I am busting I tell you.

So, my lovely reader.


Give me your Good, Your Bad and Your Ugly.