Towards the Light.

I have had a lot of enquiry as to the swimmers bought yesterday in the Benny-Hill type chase around Airlie Beach to locate some, where in fact a success.

It is safe to say that me in any type of bathing attire is not going to really be a success, but I hope you will focus more on the starfish I am holding, that the fact that my boobs are trying to escape and run for the hills.

In other news, I did 3 things today that I have never done before.

We had a bit of a personal development session this morning, with some high level soul searching thrown in for good measure. I am a sucker for this shit and got a lot out of it, mainly about pushing myself out of my stagnant comfort zone and stop fearing fear.

Towards the end of the 2 hour session, the facilitator laid out dozens of smashed up bottles on the ground and told us, that in order to conquer obstacles that stand in our way, we must walk across the carpet of jagged glass.

I immediately ran out of the room.

Brave colleagues of mine stepped forward while I dry wretched from the door at the sound of glass smashing beneath their feet. When people that I would NEVER have expected to do it, did it and immediately felt release, I just new that if I didn’t attempt it, it would use be another task to add to the list of things that I avoid, so I can fester in my comfort zone.


Not a cut, just a rush of energy that I cannot use words to describe.

I hand fed a stingray and didn’t even mind when it started sucking on my foot.

I went on my first helicopter ride.

With Veggie Mama and Bev.

Bev likes helicopters. Turns out, I do not.

Because I had not been in one before, I was told to go in the front. First mistake. we had gotten about 5 minutes into the 20 minutes journey when my old friend, the anxiety attack tapped me on the shoulder.

Immediately I shut my eyes, started breathing and began to desperately search for my happy place. It took a while to get there, in the meantime I was missing out on something that people only dream of.

What is wrong with me?

Once I had found my “inner light” I gave myself a virtual slap across the face and told my chakras to get their shit sorted and “walk through my obstacles. “

I opened my eyes and let go of Bev’s hand. I watched the glorious aqua waters fly past underneath my feet. Once again I realised that the only thing that holding me back, is me.

This has been a lovely trip. A time to break out of the mundane to realise that I don’t have it all that bad. But it is only a pimple on the ass of the whole journey that is my life. 

Everyday I’m shuffling.

I need to do less shuffling, and more walking. Towards the light.