Alison Tait, Penny Webb and the ever delightful Lisa Lintern. Oh and Maxabella’s foot.

Had a couple of bloggy mates over for dinner last week. There is nothing more than I adore than a roomful of pissed, mouthy ladies mouthing off. Mr. Woog was scared.  Chook was eaten, bottles were emptied and so was one blogger’s stomach, later on in the evening.

Not pointing any fingers, but can confirm that it wasn’t me.

The Woogette’s continued their assault on the local tennis circuit with Jack taking out the Red Ball Singles and Harry, being no slouch with a solid forehand, collected a runner up in his division. We often wonder where they get their sporting prowess. It is certainly not from their parents….

Remember trophies? Were you a collector? I was not…

Jabba has been a hit, even when it was raining like there was no tomorrow. A fire makes me sleepy. And after several enquiries from guests, I can confirm that it is NOT actually a penis on the wall. It is a lobster terrine mould, so you can get your mind out of the gutter people.

Decorating with genitals is sooo passé…

Sitting reading the paper one morning up at Jabba, and this turkey walked through the front door, taking itself on a tour of the property. It paused in front of me.

“Please don’t take a dump on the rug..” I begged.

It didn’t. It just kept on walking. Out the back door, leaving me to wonder if I was accidentally stoned on an illicit substance. 

Oh yes. So last night I asked my beloved if he could take a photo of me in the bath so I could announce the winner of the Howards Storage World Competition with some sort of context. Never again. I am not elegant, and as I disrobed and awkwardly got into the bath with my wine and my book, he began snapping me, naked from behind. Bending over. No one wants to or needs to see that.


Anyway, the winner is Emma @Family Life Central. You are a funny lady x

Let’s see, what other shots can I share here……. apart from my derrière.

Oh yes…. I would not be a SUPER BUSY MOMMY BLOGGER if I didn’t share a parenting tip! I know it seems to wrong to punish bad behaviour with quiet reading time, but is is working! And their fluency is off the chart…

FACT – Harry does not fear the cold or dumpers….

FACT – Chuy has a stalker in the shape of another cat that looks exactly like him, except for an obese version. It provides for some interesting mexican stand offs.

Fact – May’s Australian Women’s Weekly comes out this week, maybe tomorrow, which signals a legitimate assault a la Woog into the realms of traditional media. Which is just a fancy way to say that I was commissioned to write an article for them.

And finally, I am pleased to announce that I am leaving the mundane tomorrow for a few days on self indulgence. I look forward to writing you a few postcards from somewhere warm, and from a place that NO ONE IS GOING TO WAKE ME UP!

From your favourite asshole…. ME.