5 Things I learnt on the Weekend.

Do not attempt to go to a large shopping centre on a Saturday Morning with the family. If you do, it might result in a rather large fight about car parking. For some reason Mr. Woog likes to park as far away from the entrance as possible and adapts a complete hearing loss, as we drive around and around and around. Things are said under breath, in the heat of the moment. Things that are only forgotten after a dumpling feed.

Or not.

Do not hold a grudge, unless your partner is wrong. If indeed they are wrong, lord it over them until such time that you are ready to move on. This time will depend on the level of infraction.

Never stir fry while wearing a Kimono Jacket. RIP Kimono Jacket. I loved you.

Racism is alive and well in the suburbs. Standing on a street corner, next to an elderly Chinese couple who had completed their grocery shopping when a car pulled up and some loser screams out the most horrific racial slurs at them. I was mortified and apologised to them. They said it happens all the time. 

Which made me even more mortified.

DON’T PANIC when you find this note it your kids school bag.

After a quick inspection, it turns out that the boys were not packing parasites, but it will remind me to wear a swimming cap to reading groups this week.

What about you?
Did you learn anything new last weekend?