How to get a better nights sleep.

It is common knowledge that the sleep you get before midnight is your most important. There are things you can do before you go to bed to ensure that sleep comes quickly.

These include having a warm bath. You can have a warm milk and light a candle. Try spraying your room with a lavender mist. Make sure you have some ventilation in your room. Do not watch tv, or spend time in front of a computer in the lead up to lights out.

Find a nightly ritual that works for you, that helps you relax and unwind. This will send signals to your brain that it is time to down tools and get ready for slumber.

Once that is done, there are a few other things that you could consider doing to maximise your precious sleep.

  • Before you get into bed, close the door and shove a large chest of drawers in front of it.
  • Ear plugs in your ears, with ear muffs over that then take a sleeping tablet.
  • Sneak out of the house and go to a hotel for the evening. Leave a note on the kitchen table, telling your family where you are and that you might be back in the morning.
  • Grab a towel from the cupboard and go out to the garage. Made a nest out of old newspapers and snuggle on in.
  • Sleep under the trampoline.
  • Show your family the new taser gun you bought and tell them you are sleeping with it under your pillow and you will activate it if your door is darkened with a shadow.
  • Similarly, set up an invisible electric fence around your bed.

This post is dedicated to my family.
Mr Woog has man flu and coughed all night.
One of my kids came to see me at 1.14am to let me know that he has rugby training tonight and can I buy him a banana.
The other tried to get into my bed 3 times, then ended up sleeping across the foot of my bed like a dog.

And finally, Chuy the cat, who came and woke me at 4.38am because he had something to tell me, but forgot what it was. So he bit my foot instead.

How do you sleep soundly… If in fact you sleep at all?
Share your secrets…