Self Portrait

Survived another tongue lashing from the Lollypop Lady on the way into doing reading groups with Jack’s Class. 

It is official. The woman hates my guts.

You know how dogs can pass a dozen other dogs, and then get to one particular dog… and then goes berserk?

I am not saying I am a dog, or that she is. But I am pretty sure that one of us is a bitch….. *whistles*

My sour demeanour was flipped around during reading groups. As I chatted with my gang about deserts and continents, I noticed an art work on the wall.

My son had done a self portrait. Complete with bloodshot eyes for some reason. 

But it wasn’t that which made me smile…

It was his depiction of his bright blue hearing aids. Complete with the FM cube, which is connected wirelessly to a microphone that his delightful teacher wears.

It made me think about when he was a baby and I would be in a supermarket. I would see people staring at his bright hearing aids and just break down and cry. I don’t know why. I would race home where he could be safe from the stares.

I was so fucking angry.

But seeing him grow and embrace who he is with all of his might, well, it is just about the best thing he can teach me. 

Stare away world, and I will do a cartwheel for you.

Even though when it suits him, he just takes his batteries out. Like when I get too bossy, barking instructions. Like a dog.  Hmmmm.

Have your kids taught your anything lately?