The Ferrari on the Wing.

The Mighty Ducks again played under lights last night. Friday night games are THE BEST because it means you can still have a sleep in on the weekends.

If indeed you can call 7.30am a sleep in, I suppose.

Anyway, last night I was quietly confident that the Ducks might have a win, the first of the season, as I had heard a rumour that the team we were played were really unskilled.

Never believe rumours people! It can give you a false sense of smugness, which ends up only making you look like a goose when you tell the other parents that you have a bottle of bubbles in your bag, and you will share it if victory prevails.

Putting the teams side by side, we had an obvious weight advantage. But the Eels were quick and clever. Not the team I was expecting. I stood next to their coach for a while, but it was obvious that he had lofty goals of one day coaching the Wallabies, such was his seriousness. He liked to scream out “REF!”. 

A lot.

I winced when I saw a boy from the opposition punch Harry fair in the guts, but then pretended to see nothing when Harry clobbered him back.

Under tens people! And biff!

Half time, we were losing rather badly. But we were yet to reveal our secret weapon….

Enter Rosie.

Rosie is a local lass, a celebrated runner at a state level and one of those kids that you just immediately like. 

“Can I play?” She asked.

I asked coaches Jim and Hutto. Hutto immediately said yes, so off went Rosie to find her mouth guard. Hutto instructed the Ducks to pass the ball to “The Ferarri on the Wing” and with those instructions firmly understood, we were able to catch up to the Eels score, with but moments to spare.

She was magnificent.

The boys were in awe of her, and all agreed that she needed a permanent start with The Mighty Ducks.

So we didn’t lose. And that was good enough for us.