Total Tuscan Tipple PLUS a special offer for you!

Over the years I have been an avid supporter of the Australian Wine Industry.  Particularly during the school vacations or holidays. This fondness was cemented during my early twenties when, the fancy thing that I was, would scoff a the thought of quaffing from a giant cask of Coolabah, preferring to spend my cash on the two litre variety of boxed wine offered up by Yalumba.

As I moved on in life, my palate changed and I got to the point where I just could not stomach any sweet wine whatsoever. Or boxed wine. I got fancy, somewhere along the track.

Even now, I don’t mind saying that I am a wine snob. I have gone through phases where I was into Riesling, the chardonnay, then I spent a fair bit of time swimming around in Sauvignon blanc but now, I am more open yet discerning with my choice.

I am of the opinion, that if I am going to ingest the calories, it has got to be worth it.

When Lorraine the Super Agent asked whether I would like to work with a Wine Business, I think I actually came back with the sentence….


For there is nothing more than I adore that a cold glass of white, maybe with an antipasto platter and a few mates thrown in. Care for a Chianti? DWC distribute the Sensi brand, the world’s number one selling variety of Chianti, including their organic version. This was Mr. Woog’s favourite.

It is amazing how many friends you can get to come and taste wine with you!

About Direct Wine Cellars.

Direct Wine Cellars is the brainchild of a dynamic, young, Australian couple with a passion for wine from all over the world. After travelling Western Europe, enjoying the grapes of all regions, falling more in love with the art of wine every day, they decided it was time to come home to Australia and introduce the Australian public to top quality wine from their favorite wine region of Tuscany.

A year later, Direct Wine Cellars was born. We Promise delicious TUSCAN wine, value for money, huge savings on the recommended retail price and top quality wine from the Tuscan region.

I also was impressed that this small company was looking at expanding into distributing for smaller, boutique wineries here in Australia. 

But I think that the reason why this business appealed to me was bottled up into one word.


Last year I was converted from a champagne tart to a Prosecco lover.

Comparing Champagne and Prosecco is like comparing Psy, all loud and showy, to Dean Martin. Like Dean, Prosecco smoothly glides on in, with small bubbles spreading warmth throughout your mouth.

I will never forget my first flirtation with Prosecco in New York City….

And it was at that point, I knew I had to push myself out of my wine comfort zone, as I was missing out on so much when it came to the art of vino.

‘Yes, this agrees with me…”
If you are a wine lover and want to broaden your horizons, Direct Wine Cellars are giving Woogsworld Readers 20% off your first order. DELIVERED! That is on top of the already ridiculously well priced range.
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When it comes to wine, what is your tipple?

Have you discovered Prosecco yet?