Win a Springfree Trampoline!

We used to have a trampoline.

I bought it from eBay. It arrived in 17 boxes and had no instructions included. It took a bit of back and froing to get the document, and when it arrived I really very nearly cried.

Fact: Kids love trampolining.

Fact: You get what you pay for. And I payed peanuts for this deathtrap which took 18 months to fall into disrepair.

It got to the point that the only safe way to play on it was like this….

But it just didn’t have the same appeal somehow…


Marcus can come to your house and install a Springfree Trampoline in under the time it takes to boil the kettle. Ok, so not quite, but the man works quick.
He says his job is kind of like being a marriage counselor. He helps avoid those arguments that some couples may have when maybe someone thinks that they don’t need any instructions. They are straightforward to assemble, but I am a time poor mamma with no patience.

I went and got the boys from school and told them that there was a surprise in the backyard. Jack insisted it was a pony, and ran around the house.

I heard him SCREAM WITH DELIGHT! Harry was even more excited that there was a basketball hoop attached. They had been at me to replace the dead trampoline for 2 years….

I had forgotten what good babysitters trampolines are. And with Springfree, you cannot get pinched skin from rusty springs or broken arms from doing unplanned air dives over the side.

But you are not immune to the old double bounce, which is why they advise kids only to jump one at a time…

Yeah…. Hmmmm

 Tis a thing of beauty…

It also allows me a place to sneak out to of and evening and hide. You can hardly even see me when I am lying down really flat, especially if I am dressed in all black. With a balaclava on.
Did you ever come off a trampoline as a kid?

Were you the victim of the dreaded double bounce?

For your chance to win one of 2 R79 Springfree Trampolines

Entries close at 2.59pm On Sunday 12th May.