A couple of wins.

My dream for The Mighty Ducks is just one step closer today as we claimed victory in a local derby over the weekend. My son scored the first try! It was a close match but we won when Bailey kicked the conversion on the final whistle. WINNING!

Elated, Jim the coach and I ran towards each other to embrace. We hugged it out and then Jim’s arms tightened around my waist and I thought…

“Oh fuck! He is going to try and lift me into the air… Noooooo.”

And he did. I am expecting a chiropractors bill any moment now.

It reminded me of the time that the Divine Ms M and I wanted to re-enact the scene from Dirty Dancing at a wedding. You know, the lift scene. 

It was neither elegant nor successful.

We headed up to Jabba for a night away so see the old girl and show My Cousin Vinny around. He is staying there for a while. We also had to take up 4 large bags of rubbish that stank up Sonia good and proper all the way up the F3. Because, you might recall, we missed bin night last week.

Anyway, we remembered this week. WINNING!

And then there is this news.

Which hopefully means that The Divine Ms M get to have a do-over on that fatal lift….. on TV. Mustn’t say fuck. Might be the shortest television gig in history.

No one puts Baby in the Corner….

Have you had any wins lately?