A Mundane Lesson in Empowerment

Mr Woog had the day off today and decided to ride to school with the kids. 

Despite the fact that it was about to rain and they had to go to tennis in the afternoon, and it would probably be cancelled so how were they going to get the bikes home in the rain and Jack would forget his jumper and his hearing aids would get wet, and usually I pick something up for dinner after school so that means another trip out into the rain and…..

You see what I was doing there?

Just as I was about to micro-manage the whole situation…

“Calm and relaxed….”

And then I realised that I was not the only adult in the house. And that if Mr. Woog wanted to assume drop off and pick up duties for the day, and do it his way and not the “normal” way, then who am I to stop him.

So they get wet? So there is nothing for dinner?

So what?

The key issue here is EMPOWERMENT.

I learnt about EMPOWERMENT when I was in management. It is about giving people enough information and knowledge to make their own decisions. I empowered Mr. Woog with school drop off and pick up times, and he is free to fulfil these duties in the best way he sees fit.

And I don’t give a fuck anymore. Do your thang Mr. Woog!

Try it. Stop micro-managing everything and see how much better off you are.

Do you need everything done “Just So?”
Or could not care about how things get done, as long as they get done….