A Weekend in the Country

Back from my bloggy break to see that nothing much as changed on this clunky old girl. It is good to have a break away from time to time. One of the most delightful thing about this blogging gig is the like-minded folk you meet. 

Like my pal Bev.

Bev lives in the country and is the VP of the School of the Arts in their tiny little town. I was lucky enough to be able to go along to their annual ball on Saturday Night, so I thought I would show you a few snapshots from my time away.

First up though, this is what happens when you forbid anyone in your family to buy Harry a dirt bike.
Shortly after this shot was taken, Harry rode it into an electric fence.

Packing to go away can be difficult, especially when there is a black tie event to attend. Options people!

Bev was busy doing Ball Prep when we arrived, so I was helpful and constructed a hundred goat’s cheese tarts. Felt the full Prue and Trude effect.

Bev’s house was full of friends and family. This is her younger sister, who is a younger, swearier version of Bev. 

You know how life can be a bit bizarre? Well the girl who did the flowers for the ball and I used to know each other from The Shepherd Centre Days when we would spend hours and hours doing speech therapy with our young sons.

She is a beautiful soul. The floral arrangements were made of all things foraged from the country lanes.


You can see Bev in the background here wearing a very glamourous frock. I told her she looked like a young Brigit Nielsen, which indeed she did.

And these two. They adore each other and got to spend some quality time together. Did you grow up with family friends? I still have my mate James.

Such a great weekend away. I miss open fires. Thanks for the hospitality Bev and Family. 

And now I need to make an awkward phone call to let her know that the weekly nit check has come back….. positive.